Google Scripts thinks its an extension, trying to do an add-on

I am trying to publish an add-on for sheets privately (just internally to my company) and when I fill out the chrome web store info after selecting “Deploy web add-on”, it pops up witht his error message…

This item is not an app, please remove app section from manifest.

So it thinks it’s an extension, but it’s not. It needs to be an add-on. Any ideas?

Google sheets add-on: create doGet and doPost endpoints

I am trying to build an add-on where in the user installs add-on and during configuration, I need to generate doGet and doPost URL’s(web app endpoints) to which user can post data.

From my research to generate doGet and doPost api URLs, the script has to be deployed as a web app from a particular user account.
Is it possible to deploy doGet and doPost code inside my add-on as web app from the installed sheets add-on?

Google Slides add-on top level menu

We are developing a Google Slides add-on and we need to add some custom top-level menus. The documentation on says:

Scripts that are published as add-ons for Google Sheets, Docs, or Forms cannot create top-level custom menus.

But when I installed publicly available Poll Everywhere for Google Slides add-on, it added the Poll Everywhere menu as a top-level menu for all documents. How could be that possible?

Poll Everywhere top-level menu

Allow control allow origin add-on for chrome install offline

My work place does not have internet connection and I want a Chrome add-on named “Allow control allow origin”. I read there is a CRX file which can be used to install add-on offline. So what I planned is I will download the CRX file at home and mail it at my work email ID and install it from there. But I am not able to find the CRX file download link. Can anyone help me with a proper download link for CRX file? OR is there any other way I can use this add-on offline?

Internet explorer extension development

I have a problem I am going to develop an Extension for internet explorer 9. But I am not able to understand how to start creating Extension for internet explorer. Using this extension I wanted to fill a form dynamically and the data come from a rest API. So, please suggest me how can I develop this extension step by step?Because I am new in explorer extension development?

Any source code for firefox extension to open website

i want any code to upload on Firefox ad don after install only show web link to open it thankx

Disable the ability to Uninstall / Remove Chrome extension

Hi StackOverflow Community!

I am wondering if there is any way to disable the ability for an ordinary user to disable an extension added to Chrome (or Mozilla) browser.

Currently, I am developing a parental control add-on which restricts access to specific domains according to filtering criteria set by admin, so this functionality is crucial for the operation of the extension.

What could be the possible options using the operating system (manage user accounts etc) or the browser settings in order to disable the ability of un-installing the extensions?