How to remove the css rule “body overflow:hidden” automatically

In some web pages entering with adblock installed is added in the body the “overflow:hidden” css style, preventing the scroll of a website.


    Some long article content

I have to manually edit in Chrome web inspector to remove each time, which is annoying.

I would like know I could make this removal permanent or detect via a chrome extension or adblock rule to remove it or maybe via a direct javascript, etc.

how add banner ads on chrome extension with JS

i have add like this, but is not showing when i publish the extension


Does the Adblock Plus repo on github has details about how it works? [on hold]

I was going through the repo but couldn’t find how adblockplus actually detects the ads in the page. Can I read the code which does the detection from somewhere?

How to make a chrome extention profitable

I have a nice idea for a chrome extension and since I am going to implement it, I want to know how can I make money out of it. I don’t see any point in Freemium model for this extension since it is very lean product. are there any ways to make it profitable? are there adsense like services for extensions? are there any other ways which are less consumer annoying?