Is it possible to get client IP/hostname on remote server inside browser?

I am looking for a chrome extension/any solution which can tell me the windows logged in username.


I have a website running on intranet, which is accessible on a specific remote server. Every workstations on the LAN who wants to access the website needs to remotely login to the remote server and then open chrome browser to access the website. Our ultimate goal is to identify the workstation because the website need to behave differently for different workstations based on their permissions.

Chrome network Timing , how to improve Content Download

I was checking for XHR calls timing in Chrome DevTools to improve slow requests but I found out that 99% of the response time is wasted on content download even though the content size is less than 5 KB and the application is running on localhost(Working on my local machine so no Network issues).

But when replaying the call using Replay XHR menu, the Content download period drops dramatically from 2.13 s to 2.11 ms(as shown in the screen shots below). Data is not cached at browser level.

Example of Call Timing

Same Example Replayed

Can someone explain me why the content download timing is slow and how to improve it.

The Application is an ASP.NET mvc 5 solution combined with angularJS.

The Web Server Details:
– Windows Server 2012 R2
– IIS 8

Thank you in advance for your support!

Writing chrome extension in C#?

Today I started looking at the Chrome extensions the first time ever, I have a very silly questions, I am sure the answer is NO to this as per google search but I just wanted to make sure from the community here.

  1. Is it possible to use C# to write code instead of javascript?
  2. Is it possible to use Partial Views (ASP.NET MVC) in chrome extension as it renders HTML?
  3. I found this in VS Marketplace Is there any other templates which have bootstrap etc


Can’t see form data but app objects get the data

I can’t see POST request data after I click the “Savess” button. The request should appear like “Create”. The form sends data to the “Create” ActionResult
Chorme enviroment
But the data from the form it’s transmitted (or binded) into its corresponding object attributes.
Inside Visual Studio

Why is chrome not showing that request?