Error response while performing WebAPI /CheckConnection request

I’m currently working on a Chrome Plugin. These uses a WebAPI to Authenticate the user. That returns a access_token and that is saved as a cookie.

I need to call the /CheckConnection value to check if the token is still aviable but that process won’t get going.
I allways get an error result.

var token = getCookie("access_token");
var header={};
header.Authorization="bearer "+token;
	method: "GET",
	url: "",
	"Authorization": 'bearer ' + token,
	header: header,
	data: {
}).done(function (data) {
}).fail(function (e) {

For testing you may use this token:
var token = "dP4aCmK_27I69X02Jc7JoY6mGVHP3LddPXpnA0Jg4MH5H_-UOAEh14YUFBxfS_S2DwzErIFGfC61HCGlQASTMUkK96OVWBhxAE8Pm0E6JTFoSpkac9UaAFAhvoOkuS4G4vFoKNV1zmEajPdWrNRLudcTgYs1JVZFSYai4ZJ6ug82SDsdKSo5FVOklnw_ReWCDbLrekED0H7IG5feKQyy5IZ9HDGyN5Qxs9kjbTEd50J2Su1_kkJJRfXDWxL05Rjc-GGZGQLtZ7e6vBA57DxDyUu1ZwF0HxA7Rfao7jZFTMR35mRolnrGvwSemJRTW0cwd0laThz5UnHVjhSYhfJqapfOxlZYyakj4MIjafp2UzJKB-HsQpI8_LagjUFnwulAF6CXNKIuXjC5WE8O_hMvKm4GyZ3aQKc_8-sAuAiSw0XdlLhPdY-Yvwx5nlSI2UlAnSkSj7XB4WyN-M2_AGX5rGHrjHh1w1QP4DwOQD05bII"

Store oAuth 2.0 Token in Cookies – Good Idea?

Just a quick background,

  • I have built an API which authenticates user via oAuth 2.0 and returns token
  • I have built the chrome extension which allows user to enter login details and send request to API for authentication


When user ticks “Remember Me“, how do I keep the user logged in to
my extension, Do I store the token in Cookies?

What if a user changes the password on some other device, I need to
re-authenticate right? but if I am getting token from cookies and then
those tokens are still valid on my server as I am using ASP.NET
Identity in my API which keeps the token valid for 14 days.

I will be grateful to know the answers to these questions.

thank you