Writing a Google Chrome extension for an aspx page

I’d like to know if someone can point me in the correct direction for this. I’ve been interested in writing a chrome extension to improve my workflow since we use a lot of webapps at my job. For example, my jobs ticketing system is pretty old and requires that we look manually for any changes or updates. It’s got email notifications built in, but they are slow and unreliable.

I’ve never written chrome extensions before so I looked at some tutorials but none of them give me any information about doing this on an aspx page. Since I don’t have direct access to the server this runs from, I thought it should be possible to do something from my end such as automatically refreshing the page using the page’s refresh button instead of the browsers refresh button, or automatically opening some collapsed menus which default to being collapsed when you refresh the page.

I was hoping someone could help me figure out how to go about doing this because so far my research hasn’t given me anything I can directly apply to this issue.

Chrome dev tools replacing AJAX request with redirect

I’ve got an app that makes an AJAX call using jQuery. Upon error, in Application_Error, there’s a Response.Redirect which sends you to an error page (it’s designed for regular page errors, but it fires on failed AJAX requests as well).

In my real project, when I make this AJAX request, the Network tab of the Chrome dev tools shows the original request and URL for a split second, and when the error occurs, that line goes away and gets replaced by the request to GenericError.aspx. In reality, the original call received a 302, and there was a second call to GenericError.aspx – this is confirmed with Fiddler.

I tried to recreate with new small projects, and those always show properly, with both the 302 and the error page showing up as separate lines.

The “Preserve Log” checkbox is checked, but they both behave the same if unchecked as well.

The AJAX requests and 302 responses are practically identical between my real project and the small one, so I don’t see why Chrome would treat them differently.

Are there any config options or anything I might be missing that could change the way Chrome dev tools would treat AJAX responses with 302 redirects?

Idle time before rendering in browser

I’m investigating the reasons why my webpages are rendered so slow.

I was running it in VS .Net 4.5 on localhost.

When I use the Chrome Developer Tools to monitor the performance, I noticed the super long idle time before the page content were actually been rendered.

screenshot of the developer tool

As can be seen from the capture, I clicked button at 3000ms, and the files including css and js started to be processed at 8000ms, I’m wondering what is happening between 3000ms – 8000ms?

The link here Idle time in frame rendering in Chrome DevTools says the idle time is “the time when the browser is waiting on the CPU or GPU to do some processing”, is that true? And why it’s wasting so much time? I tried to use stopwatch to monitor the processing time in the controller, and that’s less than 3 seconds.

Thanks in advance for any help.

call chrome extension from vb.net windows application

i am new in chrome extension development. I have google chrome extension now i want to call that extension from my vb.net windows application so how can i call it? Please give me solution.

How can i make chrome plugin/extension using windows form?

How can i create chrome plugin or extension using winform. I did R&D on this topic but i didn’t get any appropriate solution. Below is link where i found extension using asp.net.


I have to create a page action plugin/extension and install it on multiple system’s browser using wrapper as installation package.

How to get started with developing chrome extensions using windows form?

Does anyone here have experience with/in developing chrome extensions that can share their knowledge? This would include code samples, or links to good ones, or documentation on the process, or anything.

I really want to do this, but I’m hitting a giant wall with lousy documentation, lousy code/example code/lack thereof. Any help/resources you could offer would be greatly appreciated.

I have to create a page level action plugin/extension and install it on multiple system’s browser using wrapper as installation package.

Can’t see form data but app objects get the data

I can’t see POST request data after I click the “Savess” button. The request should appear like “Create”. The form sends data to the “Create” ActionResult
Chorme enviroment
But the data from the form it’s transmitted (or binded) into its corresponding object attributes.
Inside Visual Studio

Why is chrome not showing that request?