Chrome extension doesn’t show popup after packing

I am making a Chrome Extension with Login functionality from Auth0, to do that, if user clicks on a login button, it shows login page from Auth0.

On my local machine, I am using local folder to load unpacked extension, then when I click login button, it shows login popup page.

But When I click pack extension, it stops showing Popup page.

My Manifest includes:

"permissions": [

"oauth2": {
"client_id": "***",
"scopes": ["profile"]

I checked on background page library JS files for auth0 is also loading.

What else can be problem here?

Auth0 passwordless with google chrome extension

I’m using auth0 to authenticate users from my google chrome extension. in my main app I’m using passwordless and I want to use the same with chrome extension. I just couldn’t find out how!