Testing Network Throttling using chrome dev-tools for an android app does not work

Goal: Test android app on a physical device with various network connectivity issues (Offline, Slow 3G etc). Android Emulator is not an option for my use case.

Steps I have tried:

  1. Connect my phone to my computer and open the app on my phone.

  2. In chrome “Remote devices” I select my phone and click on inspect for the app opened on my phone. Once the Developer Tools window opens I can play with my app from chrome.

  3. In the network tab I can see the throttling options but when I try the offline option or any other option to slow down the network it does not seem to work.

The offline/slow 3G option works for a normal website but not when using remote devices. I wanted to see if anyone has tried this option before and if it worked for them and I would appreciate suggestions for better alternatives to test an android app with various network settings other than using chrome remote devices?

Other options I have come across are installing a proxy app on PC/Mac and configure networking throttling in the app and then create a wifi hotspot and connect my phone with it. This is possible but it would be tricky with the tools we use so I was looking for a more elegant solution.

Screenshot of how chrome dev-tools looks