Property of class being displayed differently when I print it through a breakpoint or through console.warn

This is quite bizarre. I have an object with a boolean property.
I want to see how it’s doing so I do a console.warn, which gives me the expected result. However, if I put a breakpoint on the console.warn and display the variable through my dev tools console, I get undefined. What is going on?

This is what my code roughly looks like:

export default class {
  constructor () {
    this.myProperty = true

  doStuff () {
    return {
      doSomething: (...args) => {
        console.warn('this.myProperty', this.myProperty) // will display true
        // If I put a breakpoint on the console.warn and print it through my dev tools, it will display undefined.


How to remove breakpoints causing Chrome to hang

Is it possible to delete all breakpoints without opening Chrome devtools?

I have a breakpoint set in a large obfuscated javascript file that cause the current tab to hang if I have devtools open while the page loads. I have no problems if i let the page load, and then open the devtools, but then the script is not visible in the sources and network panels.

I have attempted to disable breakpoints by immediately activating the “Deactivate all breakpoints” button when the page loads, but the breakpoint still triggers causing the tab to hang.

Cannot set breakpoint at if else statement in Chrome developer tool

In the old version of chrome, I can set breakpoint at if else statement to view the value of object in if condition.

But when upgraded chrome to the latest version, I cannot do it now. The breakpoint is auto place inside the if block.
It make difficult to debugging, has to place two breakpoint if I want to debug at if else statement

My source code is not minify or truncate anything else.

Webpack devtool: “eval-source-map” set for more than one file breaks breakpoints in chrome devtools

I have a main bundle file and a library file.
Both files have devtool set to eval-source-map in their config files.
The main bundle’s config file has externals pointing to my library.
Both files are included in html using script tag.

The issue is:

When I try to set a breakpoint in the bundle source code immediately a second one is added in some random place in the library code.

When I remove one, both are removed.
It also works like that the other way around.
Looks like some kind of collision.
This does not happen if devtool is set to source-map for at least one of those files.

webpack v3.8.1