Connection failed in “woogeen basic example”

I am very new to webrtc thing and got one example related to webrtc named as “woogeen basic examples” which is intel’s sample demo.

Accessing this link from chrome browser and Linux 14.04 version shows us 2 windows, publish and subscribe.

I tried analyzing call flow using chrome developer tool and it was quite unstable in each and every access.

Issues i faced during this Example was:

1) How to Disconnect it? (I use to close the tab directly as there is no option of disconnection)

2) After WebSocket connection, Sending frames as well as Receiving frames are not in sequence every time.

SDP messages don’t have any stable flow such as sometimes it can be within HTTP links and sometimes it can be under WebSocket connection.

3) There are two streams i am getting like:

            streamId-1: 5aa625de7e0fdf7ab9c30c93-common

            streamId-2: 649442157782916600

What does it mean by streamId exactly?

I am trying to simulate the same scenario and getting respons as”42[“connection_failed”,{“streamId”:”5aa625de7e0fdf7ab9c30c93-common”}]”

The flow is too unstable to understand. If someone has worked on it Please help me to understand the call flow once.