Variable Price License for Chrome Extension

I would like to use the Chrome Web Store for the licensing for my Chrome Extension – but I need the ability to charge a different amount based on the user. I have seen how to do a monthly subscription, but not how I could do variable licenses. Any thoughts?

Chrome Extension Statistics

I released a chrome extension roughly ten hours ago and many people have downloaded it from what my friends have told me. For some reason, the statistics in the developer dashboard for the extension still say that there were 0 downloads, reviews, and ratings. Did I do something wrong or is Chrome’s analytics really slow? If the latter, when can I expect for the statistics to be updated?

Change publishing group in Chrome Web Store

I set the wrong publishing group on my developer dashboard (Google Web Store). I kind of expect a “absolutely no” anwser, but is there any way of changing this group? The group has no members, no transfered items, nothing.

Thank you

My extension can only be enabled in the chrome webstore

After I install my extension it doesn’t get activated, so I go to my downloaded extension page, it says that my extension is corrupted. I hit the repair button but I just get console errors.

enter image description here

However, my extension works if I hit enable on the chrome web store…

enter image description here

My extension works perfectly after I hit the “enable this item” button in the chrome web store. However, I can’t enable it once I’m in my downloaded chrome extensions. Is my chrome extension broken or is it a bug in chrome. If it is a bug, where can I submit it?

Is there any way to link to a chrome webstore user?

Im making a website, and i want to link to my chrome webstore user, where all my projects are. Is there any way to do this?

Listen for ‘paid for full version’ event in Chrome Extension

I have an Chrome Extension uploaded in Chrome Store, it has free trial and paid modes (only One Time payment is available for paid modes)

I need to be able to recognize when user switches between these modes from extension’s background script, so I can enabledisable premium functionality.

Official docs don’t contain anything regarding this.

I tried adding chrome.runtime.onInstalled event listener, but it doesn’t get triggered when user switches to paid mode…

I’m able to get current license version by hitting
but I don’t think it’s a best way to hit it each few seconds to check for license change, there must be a better way…

Why do I get “Unsupported extensions disabled” on my extension?

I did a Chrome extension, successfully published it on Chrome Webstore, a friend installed it yesterday, and today, when launching Chrome, he sees Unsupported extensions disabled:

enter image description here

What are the usual reasons for that? How to fix it?

Note: the extension is just a minimalist:

    "name": "...",
    "version": "1.0",
    "description": "...",
    "content_scripts": [
            "css": ["fix.css"],
            "matches": ["http://*/*", "https://*/*"],
            "run_at": "document_end"
    "manifest_version": 2,
    "permissions": ["*://*/*"]

and a fix.css that modifies the design of certain elements. Nothing else is in the extension. It is still accepted/published on the Chrome Webstore.

Mismatching IDs when uploading extension to the store

I want to add OAuth to my chrome extension, I am on the step where you acquire the proper keys to put into your manifest.json.

The problem lies when I upload the zip file to the store and the ID is different from the one found on chrome://extensions

ID Mismatch

Chrome extension doesn’t display published program

enter image description here

I’m Chrome extension programmer and published first program at last year. Recently, in chrome web store does not display my program called airdesk. It’s really weird because this is searched on google. But in chrome webstore, this can’t be searched.(link)

enter image description here

As you can see, this is published state and searched on Google.

To solve this, I’ve send email to Google but they didn’t anwser. In fact, Google hasn’t email contact service for Chrome web store. I don’t know how to contact to Google or their Help center.

Google Analytics vs. Chrome Web Store Statistics Very Different

I recently released a chrome extension new tab, and I wanted to check the download/usage statistics.

I added both google analytics and checked the chrome web store stats. The values are extremely different. Here they are (for the same app):

web store

Here is my extension on the web store:

My question: why are these values so different? They are off by a factor of 10. Which one (if any) is correct, and is there some way I can know for sure?