An extension that blocks all videos on YouTube between 10 and 11 minutes long.

I’m not sure if such a thing exists but I want it. I am so tired of videos padded out to the 10 minute mark for revenue. Death to videos that are 10 minutes and 11 seconds long for things that take less than a minute to explain.

Does such a thing exist?

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Chrome extension to deactivate your Facebook account in one click

One-Click Deactivate Facebook

Shameless plug for a simple Chrome extension I developed. Happy to discuss the code. (Sorry if not appropriate.)

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Telegram Chrome Extension

How do I get the variables (eg. userID, channelID, msgs, etc) from web based telegram through a chrome extension? Thanks in advance!

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Need a website time tracker!

Hey all–I need a really specific extension and after extensive research, I can’t seem to find one that will do it. Long story short, I lost my excel spreadsheet that listed how long I worked the last two weeks. It would take HOURS to manually calculate what I need, so here’s the specifications:

Something that will take my past history and calculate how long I spent (need daily calculation) on a specific section of a website. Ideally, I could put in the keywords or something to make it calculate it. Just a calculation for any given domain isn’t enough because the page from which I get work tasks it technically the same domain but time on that page isn’t billable. Let me know if you know of anything, I’m DESPERATE!

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Need a favor from an extensions developer


So today I launched Chrome and I realized an extension I was heavily relying on was automatically uninstalled from Chrome. Turns out after Chrome updated, the extension doesn’t work with it anymore.

The extension in question is Change Colors and its GitHub repository can be found here.

I’m visually impaired and after this happened Chrome became unusable for me, so I had my brother try a few similar extensions, but none of them have the functionalities of this one, or the ones that do, don’t work so well.

Can any developer here take a look at the source code and try to fix the problems that are stopping it from working on Chrome 67 and perhaps submit it as a new extension on the chrome extension store? The original developer seems to have completely abandoned it and does not respond.

Thank you.

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I made this webapp as a homescreen/launcher which improves Google’s new tab page. It has a crypto widget with the latest price on ethereum and bitcoin, a note widget which saves as you type, private password-protected bookmarks, and you can use it on your phone, tablet, or computer.

After you become a patron, I will add you as a user and you will be able to login and use my webapps.

I would greatly appreciate feedback/suggestions. Also if you like my work feel free to suggest apps that you might be interested in as part of a web ecosystem.

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got stuck with developing chrome extension!

Hey guys! I am stuck, and hoping some help here.

I want to achieve a basic thing:

listening a specific hotkey command defined in the `manifest.json`,

if that is being pressed, want to call a js funtion, which is perfoms a binded `click` event on the website (website is also defined in the `manifest.json`.

manifest.json github gist

I have 2 `.js` files at he moment:

`background.js` and `loremipsum.js`.

In the `background.js` i have the chrome API defined, which is listens to the `commands`:

chrome.commands.onCommand.addListener(function(command) {
console.log('Command:', command);
if (command == 'next') {
console.log('hotkey pressed') //works

github gist

then in the `loremipsum.js` i have the `click()` defined, which should be fired on the website:

jQuery(function($) {
function switchToNextSong() {
const nextBtn = $('*[class^="___PlaybackControls__nextTrackIcon"]');
//const demo = $('#mainContentContainer'); //DEMO
$( nextBtn ).on( "click", function() {

github gist

The only thing is missing, to connect the hotkey `eventListener` to the function invokation.

Any help with this please? 🙂

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Syncing Office Online with Google Drive

So I have the official Google Drive plugin, which works great at syncing my desktop Office with Google Drive. But Office Online doesn’t seem to work with the plugin. Is there a way to sync Office Online with Google Drive without having to jump through a ton of hoops?

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bеst nіght mоdе ехtеnsіоn?

I mean making pages dark like in RES

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How to listen responses with body? Or some other way to show data from API responses in UI?

I am trying to do Chrome plugin which adds data to real estate listing which the site is not currently showing. For example the site is not showing publish date of the house but I can see from the API call that the JSON has publish date. What is the best way to get that data from those JSON responses with Chrome plugin?

My current approach is to make background script which listens to chrome.webRequest.onCompleted. But the problem with that is that I can get all the other info about the response but not the body(which I wanted). So my solution so far is to capture api requests with background script and then notify the content script with url of the request and just redo the request on content script. Of course this is not ideal because the request has already been done and now I am doing it again. So is there better way? 🙂

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