React render() method is not calling in runtime when i clicking a button in the electron app

i have a chrome extension and i made an electron app over it. i am using react js as a javascript frame work . i have like button and asset button which updates and render the component at runtime. its working in the chrome extension because of chrome.runtime API but in electron the react render method is not calling when i click a like button ,it is calling after i refresh the page .. Can you please help me out with this if anybody knows any runtime api for electron that will update and call the button component in the runtime .

Chrome Extension Native Messaging Doesn’t Work on MacOS

I’m building a Chrome Extension which uses Native Messaging however I am running into an issue when running it in the normal manor.

If I launch Chrome normally the native message does not come through, however if I launch Chrome via it’s binary (which is located at /Applications/Google Chrome) the native message will come through.

Any ideas as to what’s happening?

Bash: Add languages to Chromium

Is it possibe to use Bash to add languages to Chromium? That is, do the equivalent of going to Settings – Advanced – Languages in the Chromium GUI, activate the languages you want, and then activate spell-checking for the same languages? Had a look at this, but there doesn’t seem to be anything that fits the bill.

Standard way to build a Chrome extension into Chromium

I have built a Chrome extension that I have been installing into Chrome using Selenium.

Now I would like to build my own Chromium from source so that my extension is pre-bundled into the built distributed package so that I don’t have to worry about needing Selenium to install the CRX file for my use case.

I have found several forums where people suggested they were going to try this, but none of them ended up seeming like they were successful.

I found some tips on how an system administrator can force install extensions into chromium for users in their network:
But that is for chrome enterprise, probably not going to be useful for me.

Here is another post which talks about how to offline install chrome extensions. I might be able to use some of this to make what I want happen.

Has anyone had success actually building into chromium a CRX so that the CRX is just installed automatically?

What kind of layers chromium “Layers” dev tool displays?

This is probably a dummy question but using Layers dev tool in chromium, i’m wondering what are the layers this tool displays ?

Playing with it, it looks like it only displays GraphicsLayer, am i wrong ?

For example, i tried to create an absolutely positioned (which is a condition for creating a RenderLayer) div but i’m not seeing it in the Layers dev tool.

Is it possible to show RenderLayers or PaintLayers ?

declarativeContent not working in incognito mode

The chrome.declarativeContent API is not working in Incognito mode.

I tried the solution posted here for chrome.runtime.onInstalled but it does not work either. At least for chrome.declarativeContent.onPageChanged and a rule with PageStateMatcher and RequestContentScript.

I uploaded an extension for testing this issue here:

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Allow the extension in incognito mode
  2. Open a new incognito window
  3. Press the extension action button
  4. The HTML body on should be replaced to 'WORKED!'

Tested on Chrome 65 and 49.

I don’t know if this is a bug on Chromium or if using PageStateMatcher/RequestContentScript is blocked in Incognito mode for some reason.


make Google Chrome switches specific to a window

Put in the same batch file (.bat), the following will open two chrome windows with the same size and position:

start chrome –window-position=100,100 –window-size=100,100 –new-window “
start chrome –window-position=200,200 –window-size=200,200 –new-window “

Why? How can I make each window obey the switches independently?

Chrome Crashing Report Trace

Whenever I opens some web link which is hosted on some other system, My chrome crashes (Using 32bit 3GB RAM). But it was working fine on other browsers

Following is the trace:

24bdf6a4 55b07bbd e0000008 00000001 00000001 KERNELBASE!RaiseException+0x58
    24bdf6c0 55b07b9a 216eb000 24bdf764 5506ffa0 chrome_child!base::`anonymous namespace'::OnNoMemory+0x1d [ @ 44]
    24bdf6cc 5506ffa0 216eb000 54a2d3dc 24bdf6d8 chrome_child!base::TerminateBecauseOutOfMemory+0xa [ @ 53]
    24bdf764 5506facd 24bdf79c 216eb000 0000003e chrome_child!discardable_memory::ClientDiscardableSharedMemoryManager::AllocateLockedDiscardableSharedMemory+0x19e [ @ 373]
    24bdf7b0 56403990 24bdf808 216eac00 c40b8000 chrome_child!discardable_memory::ClientDiscardableSharedMemoryManager::AllocateLockedDiscardableMemory+0x207 [ @ 212]
    24bdf824 564032f2 24bdf910 24bdfa18 24bdfab0 chrome_child!cc::SoftwareImageDecodeCache::GetExactSizeImageDecode+0x90 [ @ 605]
    24bdf8b4 56404777 24bdf910 24bdfa18 24bdfab0 chrome_child!cc::SoftwareImageDecodeCache::DecodeImageInternal+0x1b2 [ @ 477]
    24bdf94c 56403e13 24bdf9cc 24bdfa18 24bdfab0 chrome_child!cc::SoftwareImageDecodeCache::GetDecodedImageForDrawInternal+0x327 [ @ 548]
    24bdfb9c 564032de 24bdfca0 050ca638 050ca6d0 chrome_child!cc::SoftwareImageDecodeCache::GetScaledImageDecode+0x1c3 [ @ 728]
    24bdfc2c 56402dfe 24bdfca0 050ca638 050ca6d0 chrome_child!cc::SoftwareImageDecodeCache::DecodeImageInternal+0x19e [ @ 479]
    24bdfcd4 564068c0 050ca638 050ca6d0 00000000 chrome_child!cc::SoftwareImageDecodeCache::DecodeImage+0x10e [ @ 408]
    24bdfd48 54d711bc 030a8a64 030a8a48 050ca610 chrome_child!cc::`anonymous namespace'::SoftwareImageDecodeTaskImpl::RunOnWorkerThread+0x70 [ @ 119]
    24bdfd98 54add477 00000001 030a8a48 0311111c chrome_child!content::CategorizedWorkerPool::RunTaskInCategoryWithLockAcquired+0x6a [ @ 361]
    24bdfdb0 54add417 0311111c 030a8a60 031110c8 chrome_child!content::CategorizedWorkerPool::RunTaskWithLockAcquired+0x39 [ @ 340]
    24bdfdcc 56ae5d06 0311111c 030a8ab0 24bdfe30 chrome_child!content::CategorizedWorkerPool::Run+0x2b [ @ 232]
    24bdfddc 54add371 031110c8 0000001a 00000000 chrome_child!content::`anonymous namespace'::CategorizedWorkerPoolThread::Run+0x14 [ @ 35]
    24bdfe30 55af9679 031110c8 000002b8 000002b8 chrome_child!base::SimpleThread::ThreadMain+0x1c1 [ @ 68]
    24bdfe54 774aef8c 03133dc0 24bdfea0 7735367a chrome_child!base::`anonymous namespace'::ThreadFunc+0xb9 [ @ 92]
    24bdfe60 7735367a 03133dc0 405b4b08 00000000 kernel32!BaseThreadInitThunk+0xe
    24bdfea0 7735364d 55af95c0 03133dc0 ffffffff ntdll!__RtlUserThreadStart+0x70
    24bdfeb8 00000000 55af95c0 03133dc0 00000000 ntdll!_RtlUserThreadStart+0x1b

Any reason, why this error occurs?

How to refresh background tabs on specified delay on Chrome/Chromium?

I’ve been working on a rotating dashboard to load some pages of our websites so we can get an easy look at how the sites look, and quickly notice any errors that come from deployments to live.

All the auto refresh extensions I can find reload the active tab, and the Revolver extension that I use to rotate through tabs does the same. I’d like to refresh tabs in the background so that is less distracting to the team whilst keeping up frequent refreshes so we are seeing a more recent view.

Thanks in advance for any responses, and for your time reading this.

How to load extension in incognito mode while using Selenium ChromeDriver ChromeOptions

This is how i load it but the extension is not enabled when i run in incognito mode

        ChromeDriver cdDrive;
        var options = new ChromeOptions();
        options.AddArgument("load-extension="+ System.AppDomain.CurrentDomain.BaseDirectory + "/AdBlock");  
        cdDrive = new ChromeDriver(options);

So i need some help. If i remove --incognito command, it works very well

Thank you