Websocket client authetification using python 3.6 and websocket-client

I’m trying to get a websocket client working so I can recieve and store some data from it. In order to get to the websocket on the site you need to be logged in first. Now my question is how can I authentificate to the server and connect to the websocket?

This is the Websocket. I crossed some stuff to avoid missuse.

Google-Chrome-devtools Image

This is what I tried and obviously did not work:

from websocket import create_connection
ws = create_connection("wss://xl2gateway.nti- 
audio.com/XXXXXXXX/websock/netbox_index", header={'sessionid': 'XXXXXXXXXXXXXX'})
result = ws.recv()
print("Received '%s'" % result)

Creating a plugin which will allow utilities of a backend streamwriter and streamreader

I was looking trough the permisions and API’s of chroom when creating an extension and I could’nt find the suiteable one for my needs .Blob is not an option because we don’t need download , we need to create txt file ,not in downloads folder, which can be updated with something similar as utilities of backend Streamwriter and Streamreader .Now I checked alot of topics on this subject and everybody says it’s not possible , but my mentor says i should look into browser extentions and their permissions and APIs , so I did , but nothing usefull there only permisions to a browser nowhere the client is mentioned . Toughts ?