Launch iMacros for Chrome from command lines

I have seen many posts concerning my issue; but so far nothing works.
So here is a fresh example of my case; based on

Concerning my configuration, I’m using :

  • Chrome Version 65.0.3325.146
  • iMacros for Chrome 10.0.1
  • macOs High Sierra v10.13.3

I’ve started a fresh html file using
So my index.html is :



        Launch CR iMacros


And I plan to run it from command line with the following command :
/Applications/Google Chrome –args –disable-web-security –user-data-dir “file:///Users/index.html”

I see a new window opening but in command line I have the follwing error :

Macbook:~ rizze$ /Applications/Google Chrome –args –disable-web-security
–user-data-dir “file:///Users/rizze/Desktop/RIZZE/fb-spammer/www/iMacros/index.html”
Nouvelle fenĂȘtre ouverte dans la session du navigateur
Failed to launch GPU process.

What may be the cause of this failed to launch GPU process ?

Chrome Extension User Defined Custom Keyboard Shortcuts

How can I allow user-defined keyboard shortcuts in my extension? I’ve been able to add up to 4 shortcuts by modifying the manifest.json which generates commands, but what If I want to have to user be able to add more or change these?

I know you can go into chrome://extensions > Keyboard Shortcuts to view and edit the existing shortcuts, but that doesn’t seem very user friendly. I want to build something into my options page or popup that you can set shortcuts

enter image description here

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