Multi-select of tabs in chrome extension

I configed my the Content.js like this:

chrome.tabs.query({active:true, currentWindow: true}

Then this extension ran only on one tab. When I changed tab, all variable’s value was reset. How can I do to set the extension can run on multi-tab?

Can I always enable the Network tracking of the Chrome Dev Tools in the background?

As a web developer using Chrome, I often find myself opening the Chrome Dev Tools’ Network tab, only to find it empty.

I then have to reload the page through F5–and depending on the site do some complex interaction on the page–in order to find the request / response I am looking for.

Is there a way to always enable the network tracking in Chrome Dev Tools, so that when I am opening up the Dev Tools Network tab, that I see a complete history of all the request and responses that have already happened?

I do not care about any performance decrease. I only want to know if Chrome provides such a feature, and if so, how to enable it.

Force install Microsoft Edge extension enterprise environment

I am trying to automatically install a Microsoft Edge Extension in an enterprise managed environment: Google Chrome allow this behavior (check this post for further information), but it seems impossible to do the same for Edge (the Edge extension policy states that “The installation must be initiated and completed by the user, using only the user experience provided by Microsoft Edge and the Microsoft Store”).
Has anyone faced this problem?