chrome dev tools and google adsense – CPU 95% usage

On my website I’ve got Google Adsense to generate revenue. Whenever I open Chrome Developer Tools the CPU usage rises to 95%. When I disable ads or use AdBlock Plus and refresh the usage goes down to around 15%.

I’ve got laptop with i5-6400 processor and GTX950M graphics card, and using Windows 10 if it helps.
Firefox does not suffer the same problem.

Did you ever come across this problem? How to make dev tools or ads use less CPU?

Mismatch between Chrome Task Manager CPU usage (100%) and Performance Profile (idle)

I have a webpage I’m trying to debug in Chrome v67.0.3396.62. Intermittently the page becomes unresponsive, and both Windows Task Manager and Chrome’s built in Task Manager show 100% CPU usage [on a single core].

This problem does not happen in any reliable or reproducible way – I can go days without a problem, then have issues for hours and have to end the tab process in order to regain use of it every time the page loads.

I have somehow managed to capture a performance profile using Chrome’s Dev tools performance tab during a time that this problem was occurring. However, the profile shows the process to be mostly idle.

What could cause 100% cpu usage that is not captured by the dev tools performance profiling?

(I have already poured over my own code for infinite loops/recursion, but haven’t found anything suspect. I am using jquery, bootstrap and popper, but they’re all being served from reputable CDNs and match their integrity hashes, so I’m at a loss how to debug any further. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.)

Reading CPU profile snapshot in Chrome DevTools: is it multiple calls or one?

I’m profiling an application and I’m not sure how should I interpret the call chart. As far as I understand if a bar is split into several ones on the next line, that means that the top function calls underlying functions several times.

I mean, when I see the following in the chart:

| fn1                                                   |
| fn2     | fn2                 | fn2        | fn2      |
| ...                                                   |
| value   | value               | value      | value    |

I read it as fn1 was called only once and value was called four times inside that fn1 call.

The thing is if I insert console.log into that value function, I see it called exactly once. So what does that mean, that I have many columns with value?

profile chart