Chrome Extension has been crashing suddenly

I’m developing an extension that has been crashing in production environment.

Some users showed me that the extension stop working suddenly. They try to click but it won’t work. For it to work properly, the user needs to disable and enable again.

In the meantime I tried to inspect in the background to see if has any messages or errors in the console but it shows nothing at all, even the background files it’s not showing. I suppose that error messages won’t show in production environment, and in the development I can’t see the crash.

Is there anyway to debug in this situation? I put try catch blocks in many points of the code that can trigger errors with no capture, but maybe I may have let it pass.

What could crash like this?

OneTab Crash- Need to Restore Tabs

I recently accidentally deleted one of my IDs on Google Chrome, not knowing that my bookmarks and OneTab were connected to that specific ID. I restored my old ID, and my bookmarks were brought back but all my tabs on OneTab were gone. I am on a Macbook Air- MacOS Sierra.

I can’t seem to figure out how to restore them. If anyone could please give me a step by step, that would be amazing!