Easiest way to collect data recorded using a chrome extension (with user consent)

What is the easiest method of getting data from many users’ chrome extensions to me?

I have developed chrome extension that records data from many users (with their explicit consent – the point of the project is data collection). I need to somehow collect this user data centrally, but not sure the easiest way to go about this.

Having done a bit of research, it seems like a way to do this is to set up a webserver, which in turn connects to a database.

However, while I’ve messed around with a few different languages for different mini-projects, I am a pretty novice programmer (and have never touched anything backend – servers and databases etc), so have little understanding of the size of that challenge.

My question is therefore:

  1. What is the path of least resistance for the above method (webserver + database)
  2. (Better still) is there an easier way of doing this. Could I hack together some kind of “it sends the data in an email to me” or alternative bad-practise-but-at-least-it-works kind of method for getting the data from many users chrome extensions to me.

Other background – don’t know how important this is:

  • The user data is effectively 15x fields with c 100 entries for
    each user.
  • There are likely to be c100-200 users max.
  • A one- off / very infrequent collection of the data is fine (it wont change much day to day, for example)

If there’s any detail I’ve missed off that is important, please do comment and I’ll add. I considered sharing some code from my project, but since the question is a bit more “conceptual” I thought it wouldn’t be that helpful.

How can I transfer data from a Google extension popup window to a database?

I need help with a Google extension. It records how long you are at a website and displays it in a popup. I would like to take that information and store it so that users can review their browsing habits. I read that connecting it to a database is too risky for a man-in-the-middle attack. What would be the best method to do this? I read that using IndexedDB would be a good alternative but I cannot find much information on how to specifically modify my code to connect to that. I am new at this, so I know that this question may be a bit simplistic.

Read and write json data in javascript with a chrome extention?

How can I read and write json data in javascript? I’m making a chrome extention that will read and write json and so far couldn’t figure out how to do it.
I have a .json file in my chrome extention directory that I want to read and write data to

For example: If I had this code

    "members": {
        "Thing": {
            "someValue": "1",
            "anotherValue": "2"

How could I read “someValue” from it?
or how could I make “anotherValue” equal to 3?

Any help is appreciated!

Chrome extension- JavaScript to retrieve data from MySQL database and display in extention

we are creating a chrome extension that can able to retrieve a data from MYSQL database and display in extension.is it possible? second question is it possible to authenticate localhost .aspx website from java script.

Does clearing browser cache mean clearing chrome.storage extension data?

I’m considering hiring a developer from upwork.com to build my chrome extension. He was saying he would need to build it using local storage, but I questioned him and asked why he couldn’t use the chrome.storage API. His response was that if the user clears the browser cache, it would clear everything saved in the extension. That didn’t seem right to me but I wanted to ask you all.