allow mixed http over https on chrome extension

I would like to run a dev resource that is in my localhost via a chrome extension I develop (for debugging).
As understood my extension cannot call localhost (my dev environment) because it runs on http and not https, as most sites are today.
Is there a way that I can run my extension and access my local dev environment?

Chrome DevTools > Service Workers > Testing > Local dev environment serves via http on a LAN

As above, is there an easy way to allow service workers for local development when served via http on a local network when using chrome & dev tools?

Is there a port # to serve on? Did I miss an option in Dev Tools to allow a domain?

I am aware of this answer from a Google Dev suggesting it isn’t possible without hacking chrome, but that answer was given back in 2015 and a lot has happened with PWA/sw.js since then – so I am hoping I’ll get lucky!

Thanks for any assistance in advance.

Chrome extensions for caching ajax API calls


TLDR: what to do if as ui developer you suffer from backend apis that are missing (not done yet) / failed due to bug / failed due to infrastructure?

Answer: cache all apis or replace necessary with preconfigured stubs

Also this this annoyingly slow if you have to reload page every 30 seconds and wait api responses to check any minor change

Usually this is fixed through making temporary stubs in code.

This is quite uncomfortable, cause
– you should do massive patching of code base
– after that clearing up this code
– And this is really time wasting when you have a lot of of different products.

I’d expect there is some kind of chrome extension that should be able
– cache all ajax request for necessary tab (the simplest solution)
– cache request by mask
– replace requests with configured stubs…

– are there such extensions?
– do you need such one?

I need a Chrome extension that will modify an HTML snippet of a website

For example, if I want to replace the facebook logo with another image, I use the extension and no matter how much I browse the web, the extension will replace the code automatically. something similar to ADBOCK, but instead of eliminating advertising, replace it with whatever you want.