scraping data from linkedin profile by building new chrome extension SIMILAR TO Skrapp

I need to build a new chrome extension similar to Skrapp to scrape the data from linkedin profile. Till now i have created a basic chrome extension only which popup a Hello World! with the extension folder structure as –


Can anyone help me in understanding what i neeed to fulfil the requirement of extracting/scraping email ids from linkedin profile? I dont know where to begin and what to look into. Do I need PHP or linkedin API or what?

A little bit of guidance will help me to start.
Thanks in advance!

Keep gmail mail content on server

Working on a new browser extension for secure email. We have an extension for the sender and also for the recipient. We are working on some ideas to eliminate the need for a recipient extension but feel it may be impossible.
In other words…content of the email is not actually sent to the recipient or downloaded until a cookie is received saying the mail has been opened. Seems this might not be possible without the recipient browser extension.
Any suggested routes to take would be very much appreciated.

Get Email Headers in Outlook Web in a Chrome Extension

I’m working on a project where I want to process email headers. My organization uses Outlook Web. I’m designing a browser (chrome) extension to process headers of a email that user receives. I’m more interested in the Recipients of the email (To, Cc, Bcc)

An email looks like:
enter image description here

On Inspecting the page, I see the following:

enter image description here
which shows only what is displayed on the screen, not all the recipients.

The email header is showed when user clicks the down arrow to the right of Reply all and then clicks View Message Details. Then a popup box open with the email header which also has the Recipients in To and Cc.

How do I get the header (importantly To and Cc) of the email using chrome extension?