ESlint: How to ignore Parsing error: Invalid regular expression flag

I’m creating a Chrome extension. I want to write a code that matches strings including n like this:

var s = "anb";
console.log(s.match(/a.*b/s)); // prints non-null

I used the s flag because it worked on Chrome 67.0.3396.99. However, this flag is not defined in standard Javascript, so ESlint says

2:22  error  Parsing error: Invalid regular expression flag

Is there any way to ignore this? I tried // eslint-disable-line no-invalid-regexp in my code and

"no-invalid-regexp": ["error", { "allowConstructorFlags": ["s"] }],

in my .eslintrc.json but neither worked (it seems it works only for RegExp constructors and not // regexp).

I tried // eslint-disable-line and /* eslint-disable */ but neither worked, too.

In The ESlint document,

Note: Comments that disable warnings for a portion of a file tell ESLint not to report rule violations for the disabled code. ESLint still parses the entire file, however, so disabled code still needs to be syntactically valid JavaScript.

So this s flag is considered as invalid Javascript. Is it really impossible to ignore this error? Or can this be ignored by plugins or something?

ESLint: ‘chrome’ is not defined (no-undef)

I added ESLint to my chrome extension project. I am using chrome API which starts with chrome., but obviously eslint points on it as error.

I suppose it should be something like:

"env": {
  "browser": true,
  "chrome": true,
  "es6": true

but apparently it’s not.