How to export Chrome localStorage data for a given website URL without visiting it

I used to have a development website :

Due to recent updates on how Chrome behaves with *.dev urls (redirecting them to https (, I cannot access any longer my local website.

I have changed it’s url to : http://foo.local

My problem is that I would like to export the localStorage data stored from site_1 ( and import it into site_2 (http://foo.local).

I know I can export the localStorage data with devTools while visiting site_1, but I cannot do that due to the redirection…

Is there a way to export the localStorage data for a website without visiting it ?

Chrome extension to parse data from window. Whatsapp contact

I need to export all my contacts from whatsapp and import to google contacts. With the second part everything is okay. But with the first one is not. So I’d love to write a script, google chrome extension or maybe even just plain JS to get all contacts info at least in html.

Any help? please.