how would i go about developing a browser extension to block Logan Paul related crap as well as Danielle Brigolli crap from showing up?

I had an idea to make an extension to block ANYTHING involving the pauls(Logan and Jake) and Danielle brigolli.

Im not sure how one would go about doing this.

Chrome Dev tools – Is there a way to persist the filter in Chrome Dev Tools?

Is there a way to preserve the filter on the Network tab in Chrome Dev tools???

E.g. if I use a filter like “-status-code:204” to exclude all responses with 204 status, it works as long as the tool window is open but would be helpful if it could be retained for new window instances.

Filter out console messages in Chrome Dev Tools

I have a list of 4 console log messages that appear every 2 seconds in my Dev Tools console. I’d like to filter them out but using the filtering DSL that I use for the Network tab doesn’t seem to work

My messages are:

[service]: failed to connect to service


What type of filter should I use to make them disappear??? I tried using rexeg, something like [^service] but it didn’t seem to work…