Run Flash Game On New Tab Page

So I told my sister that I would make her a extension. She wanted me to embed a flash game on the new tab page. I am in Chrome and there is no “allow flash” popup button. the site settings say that flash is allowed, but it wont run. Can anyone help? is this even possible? Thanks in advance!

Running Flash in chrome extension popup window

How can I use flash in chrome extension?
I am writing a chrome extension that will extract a flash game and run it in a popup window.
The game can run on normal web page as there will be a prompt to enable flash.
However, in the popup window, there is no prompt to enable flash.
I tried using embed, but it is not working. If directly put the flash src in URL, it will be downloaded.

It seems that after chrome 62, there is no option to always enable flash.
The extension is still working if the google account has using the extension before.
But for new user, the flash is disabled.

how to download/copy the audio transcript from flash player(swf)

I have opened a presentation(flash swf) in browser which is located in server.
I am able to see the audio transcript for the presentation by clicking audio transcript button but am unable to copy/download it to save it in my local.

I would like to know how to download/copy the audio transcript. something like from browser cache or using any tool or browser extension.

Any help is appreciated

How to web scrape flash-based websites?

I’ve been trying to download roughly 1,500 pictures from a website for several hours now with zero knowledge of scripting and this is so far very painful so I need help. The website I’m trying to download the content from is a flash-based website so I can’t scrape through like with normal HTML.

Not knowing this, I tried using the Chrome web extension called “Web Scraper” but couldn’t select anything on the webpage and I’m assuming that’s because flash uses so called “binary format”.

So I decided to bust out the good o’l developer tools and this is what I found:

When I visit the Request URL under “Headers” on a separate tab, I can see the image and download it but theres no way I’m gonna do that 1500 times…

After a bit of research on scraping I stumbled upon a program called wget which seemed like it would be helpful in this situation so I downloaded it and tried it on one of the request URLs. It worked perfectly and downloaded the image. After some playing around with it I found out that you can chain a list of URLs in wget to download several pages at a time so I thought to myself that maybe I could copy all the Request URLs from the Headers tab in Chrome, paste them into wget, and I’d be good. However, in order to copy the URLs I have to click on each image individually which would take forever.

You also can’t choose a file in the “Name” window, shift-click another file to copy the list of highlighted material because, as you can see, there are ellipsis (“…”) between the names of each file in order to shorten them (and I’ve tried to expand the “Name” window in hopes that it would show me the entire name but it didn’t).

So is there any way to download several of these files at the same time using some kind of script? Any resources I could use to learn scripting that would be helpful?

Any alternate approaches that could be helpful? Really anything that can cut down my time here would be appreciated. Thanks :).