Chrome freezes [WebPack (hot reload) and Vue Dev Tools] until clicked outside the window

I am still figuring out if this is a Chrome issue or a problem with my laptop.


  • I am running Windows 10, latest Chrome.
  • Quad core i7, 16Gb of ram.
  • My development environment includes WebPack with hot re-load. I am developing in Vue (v2) so I installed the Vue development tools.


After some time Chrome will start freezing but it does register my actions.
When I click outside the window, it will process all actions (at least visually) and some times unfreeze. This happen to both the main window and developer tools (on a separate window). I should also mention that not only the page inner window freezes but also Chrome as a whole. So if I click on a tab it is still froze until I click outside, moment it will change the tab.

Basically what I am describing is that any visual update only happens once one of the windows (chrome or developer tools) is unselected from the Window environment.


Does any one experienced something similar and what was the resolution?

May this be a hardware (GPU) issue?

This is a new computer and I am deciding if I should return base on this alone. Only thing holding me back is the fact this issue is only happening with Chrome atm.