window.GLOBALS[17] is null in the new Gmail UI while it is present for the old Gmail UI

I have a Chrome extension which uses a library called gmail.js which is sort of dependent on the window.GLOBALS[17] object from the Gmail window however in the new UI of gmail, Gmail seems to have removed the GLOBALS[17] which is equal to null now, Now I have no way to access the data that was present inside the GLOBALS[17] object, I have searched, looked and tried everything but do not seem to have an alternative to GLOBALS[17] object

The GLOBALS[17] is still available on the old Gmail UI

When seen in old Gmail UI

And is null in new Gmail UI

Wheen seen from new Gmail UI

Without this I cannot know vital information like whether the email is in conversation view and so on

Why was this removed? Is there an alternative?

Get the Message Id or thread Id immediately after sent gmail

Can I get the message id or thread id immediately after sent gmail using google script or gmail API.?

Automatically open an gmail addon card without user clicking on the addon icon

I am looking for a way (I understand does not really seem a good idea) to force my gmail addon to automatically open a card and display the same.

Basically, the addon should check the current email’s tags and then autotrigger some ‘showPanel’ of the addon.

I see some answers about google sheets, but not getting how to go about this in the gmail addon without user triggering it.

Additional Chrome Extension way ??:
If this is not something possible. I also have a chrome extension (which the users will have installed) clicking on a link created by the chrome extension can I somehow trigger the addon icons click event ?

Apologies if this basic stuff, not able to find any direct useful info.