Application not published in G Suite marketplace

We have an application published in G Suite marketplace and it has suddenly disappeared.

We guess the problem is related with the migration from Chrome webstore, but we have updated the manifest following the steps in the documentation and the application is still not listed in any of them. However, we cannot find the app by url in G Suite marketplace but we can find it by url in Chrome webstore, what seems pretty strange.

Google Marketplace SDK is enabled and configured in Google Cloud Platform.

I read in the documentation that “Chrome Apps must use manifest version 2“, so I don’t know if we need to set this to version 1 for G Suite applications.

We are using the same manifest as the documentation, but including “GOOGLE_DRIVE” in the container:

  "manifest_version": 2,
  "name": "Welcome Aboard",
  "version": "",
  "description": "a plain text description",
  "icons": {
    "128": "icons/128x128-icon.png",
    "16": "icons/16x16-icon.png"
  "api_console_project_id": "428464274542",
  "app" : {
    "launch" : {
      "web_url" : ""

Are we missing something?

Thank you in advance!