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I am working on chrome extension for push notifications.As of now I have an instance which is subscribed to a topic and when I broadcast a messsage on that topic using firebase ,a push notification is received .But I want to retrieve the data from the push event and display using chrome notification create method.Is it possible?I need some reference documents on this.

Chrome google cloud messaging

I am very new to chrome extension.I want to subscribe to gcm and receive push notifications.Where can I find documents related to there and work on the same?

How do I listen for Firebase Cloud Messaging messages in the background in a Google Chrome Extension?

I have a Google Chrome Extension that listens for GCM messages in a background script via chrome.gcm.onMessage.addListener. Our provider is planning to upgrade their infrastructure to use the latest Firebase Cloud Messaging which is no longer compatible with GCM. We’ve confirmed the gcm addListener API no longer receives messages after upgrading to FCM in the dev environment.

I’ve found migration guides for Android, iOS, and progressive web apps but none specifically for background scripts in Chrome extensions.

Some resources I’ve found:

chrome.gcm.onMessage not triggered

In background.js file

function registerCallback(registrationId) {
  if (chrome.runtime.lastError) {

  // I copy this registration ID
  // And use in postman to send data to this token{registered: true});

chrome.runtime.onInstalled.addListener(function() {"registered", function(result) {
    var senderIds = ["918499926916", "128475236177"];
    chrome.gcm.register(senderIds, registerCallback);

chrome.gcm.onMessage.addListener(function(message) {
  // A message is an object with a data property that
  // consists of key-value pairs.
  chrome.browserAction.setBadgeBackgroundColor({ color: [255, 0, 0, 255] });
  chrome.browserAction.setBadgeText({text: '+1'});


"permissions": [ 

I have setup OAuth authentication. And use the Auth key along with the registration key to send a message from my postman.
I see message being received on my chrome://gcm-internals/

I am not sure why am I not getting chrome.gcm.onMessage.addListener triggered.

snapshot of gcm-internals