Google Tag Manager how to debug gtm.linkClick

My Google Tag Manager set up correctly because other tags are fire a hit.
But, one link click does not fire a hit because Trigger is not properly set.

Tricky Part is… Trigger has a lot of condition. So I want to know exactly what condition does not match.

I try to look Preview Debug Console result for a link click event…

But I couldn’t… because when I click a link, Browser reload Preview Debug Console to initial state and erase link click history from Console.

How can I stop Preview Debug Console from refreshing and look into gtm.linkClick?

Debug Console History

Popular browser plugin prevent tracking mailto: clicks on my website

I configured trigger in Google Tag Manager which should fire a tag when “Click URL contains mailto:”. The code on site is:

The tag is not fired when browser extension Mailto: for Gmail or similar is active. Deactivating extension results in tag firing properly. How can I fix it?