GPO Chrome Extension not applying

I am having a bit of weird issue with chrome Extension setting differing between two Site, SiteA and SiteB. User configuration Google/Google Chrome/Extension black list is enabled for all extension and cherry picked extension are put into whitelist.

Recently the whitelist was changed to allow another extension to install. However second SiteB is not getting the changed setting and no issues in SiteA

SiteA consists of Windows 10 and Windows 7 and SiteB all windows 7.

The following has been done.
– Force GPupdate
– Update chrome, Updated Policy Definitions to latest available
– Force Sync all Domain controllers

Below are the result between Applied vs RSOP data

Applied Settings

Deploying Chrome Extension with SCCM

Can I deploy a Chrome Extension with SCCM?

I’ve tried deploying the values but the local machine keys wont show.

also, will it work if there is a chrome policy or an older deployment ?

The Extenion needs to be Auto Enabled!