How to figure out memory leak in node process

My nodejs application is leaking memory, so I was trying to use heapdump to compare the memory changes, unfortunately, memory does not change in headdump, but my nodejs process is leaking memory.So I was thinking native-modules could be one culprit, then I was using mtrace to figure it out.
But I could not understand Module “/lib64/” is increasing the size.

Does anyone could help give me some suggestions of tools or ways to figure out memory leak that does not happens in heap itself.

Many appreciate.

How to find common objects between heap snapshop in Google Dev Tools?

I am working on a Memory leak issue in my Angular 1.4.7 application. I have recorded couple of heap snapshots and i can see that the Array is keep increasing between my snapshots. How to identify the objects which are common between snapshots?

The comparison view only shows the Added and Deleted objects between snapshots. I was looking for common objects between the snapshots so that i can look which are my array’s are still not being collected. Any idea?

I am trying to use the Summary view on a specific snapshot and finding objects which are in other snapshots too.

Your inputs will be greatly appreciated.