Recording Heap Allocations in 2018 Chrome Dev Tools?

Google’s documentation on how to do this is now out of date:

The dev tools UI has changed since this was written (I’m using v66), and I can’t figure out how to get to a heap allocation bar graph which looks like this:

enter image description here

Can anyone walk me through this? I’ve gone to Settings and checked Record heap allocation stack traces which I believe is one step that is required to do this. In the performance tab I’ve checked the memory box and have recorded some actions, but once that’s done I get more of a line graph for heap, rather than a bar graph:

enter image description here


Why aren’t all functions displayed in the Record Heap Allocation?

I recorded the heap allocation so that I could take note of how much memory Javascript functions took. Using the Chrome Developer Tools I headed towards the Memory tab and selected Record allocation profile. There were several functions listed but surprisingly not all of them, and I know that all of them were called since I attached a log to all of them and they all appear in the CPU profiler where I could take note of their execution time. Surprisingly, it does not always provide the same result, sometimes function logOut appears and sometimes it does not. The other functions that I want them to appear have to be visible under logOut.

enter image description here

Does anyone have any idea why this happens or even any solutions?

How to capture writes to the javascript heap in the browser (chrome)?

I want to capture all the writes to the javascript heap during a page load.

Chrome dev tools lets me capture snapshot of the heap, however either because of lack of documentation, or my lack of understanding, I can’t figure out how to actually capture the values that are being written to the heap. From what I understand I can see the number of JS objects created, and the average size of these objects. However what exact values were written onto the heap wasn’t available?

I have also played around with the v8 runtime flags, things like “–heap-profiler-trace-objects” however to no avail.