chrome extension capture fullscreen hidden tab


I want to make chrome extension a next behaviour: it makes screenshot of custom tab (or window) which can’t be focused by user (this tab (or window) can be minimized always or it can be hidden somewhere) and it must be able to change location.href

What needs

I need to make him one of two engines:

  1. Make screenshots of non-current tab even if it’s minimized
  2. Make a hidden tab (like background) which can be screenshoted in fullsize

What I have now

Now I’m using chrome.tabs.captureVisibleTab to take a screenshot of custom window created when extension was initialized and if user tries to focus this window – I change focus on last focused window by


It works fine but then all windows closed (except custom created) when extension needs to hide this window too. But I can’t minimize it (even if I can then I wouldn’t be able to take a screenshot of this window)


Any ideas how to make the one of behaviours of extension that I want?
Big thanks for answers!