Trying to convert windows exe for chrome extension to dot net core 2

I have heard that Dot net core only generates dll file and the only way to run them is using the command

dotnet myapp.dll

I have a chrome extension and i am trying to do some operations . For example, on chrome extension i enter two numbers and then click send button. this triggers the native messaging and a windows executable/dll is called which takes these 2 numbers as stdin and returns the sum as stdout which would be displayed on chrome extension .

Earlier it was an exe file which was working fine. Now i have migrated the code to dotnet core 2.0 . My unit tests work fine but the dll is unable to execute . i dont see any logs as well . my best guess is that the dll is not getting called at all. somehow i have no idea how to check if the app is getting called from chrome extension

  "name": "myapp",
  "description": "myapp",
  "path": "C:\Program Files (x86)\myapp.dll",
  "type": "stdio",
  "allowed_origins": [