Different webpages to be shown at one dashboard

I am looking for software or a webpage, that can show different webpages at once, I’m working for a company where all our dashboards are from different URL’s, we have been using a Chrome window in every corner of our TV screens for some time now, but it isn’t an optimal solution.

Any suggestions on how to tackle this problem?

How to change address bar color in google chrome PC

How to change color of address bar in Chrome(PC)?
Currently I have white one but I would like to have black one with white text in it. Is that possible to change?

This is how it looks now:
Chrome Address bar

And this is how I would like it to look:

Chrome Address bar in incognito mode

why async option is not available for call stack in source panel of chrome devtools (32 bit windows)

I am not able to see async option for call stack panel in source panel for 32 bit windows chrome dev tools. i am getting async trace not enabled error in node js while debugging using chrome dev tools. to solve this issue i need to see async option in dev tools. please suggest any solution for the same.

Install Google Chrome extension through Windows registry does not work in some computers?

I created registry entry to set up Google Chrome extension,

Type: string
Name: update_url
Value: https://clients2.google.com/service/update2/crx

in following registry locations,


The computer is Windows 10 64bit with Google Chrome 64bit. But this only works in some computers. In other computers with same Windows 10 64bit with Google Chrome 64bit it does not work. What is the issue?

‘map to network resource’ for window Element Inspector Chrome

I began to study the element inspector of Chrome and began to read page “workspaces”(https://developers.google.com/web/tools/setup/setup-workflow).
Me question: where does tab ‘map to network resource’ for widows chrome?

when does Windows Hosts file redirection take place

In regards to a browser http request life cycle, before the actual execution of sending the request, at what point does the, so to speak, “DNS” of the windows hosts file take place? After entering a site address into any web browser, when you hit enter, is one of the first things that takes place a check to the hosts file? or perhaps one of the last? Would a javascript chrome extension or firefox add-on be able to override what is in the hosts file at all? Is the point of execution browser dependant?

Screen sharing app [on hold]

I want to build an chrome extension to send desktop screenshot in a certain interval to my server where i want to save the images. My server backend using PHP/mysql.Any tutorial to achieve this.


make Google Chrome switches specific to a window

Put in the same batch file (.bat), the following will open two chrome windows with the same size and position:

start chrome –window-position=100,100 –window-size=100,100 –new-window “http://example.com
start chrome –window-position=200,200 –window-size=200,200 –new-window “http://example.com

Why? How can I make each window obey the switches independently?

Chrome Extension – How to write to an arbitrary file in windows file system without user input?

I want to write a Chrome Extension that will parse a webpage and get specific text on the page and write it to a text file on my windows machine whenever that text changes. Parsing the webpage is of course easy, and detecting changes is of course really easy and i already have that done. But I’ve never written an extension before and don’t know where to go from here to be able to write to the Windows File System rather than the Chrome Sandboxed file system. Any and all advice and help would be greatly appreciated as I have no experience or knowledge about extension design!

Thank you.

3CX – Auto Dial

I’m using the 3CX Chrome-Addon. My goal is when I click a hyperlink with a number (tel:0968300165), it should auto-call in 3CX.

Which it does on MAC, but somehow it isn’t auto calling in Windows.
Well it does paste the number automatically in 3CX, but I need it do auto-dial/auto-call as well.

Any ideas?

Thank you