Chrome extension becomes corrupted when appending more than 60 images

I am working on an emote menu for my chrome extension.

I use a background script to trigger my scripts on url change.

Usually it’s supposed to load about 9 images in menu which works completely fine.

But there is a special url where it’s supposed to load in total more than 60 images into a div.

function addEmotesToEmoteList(emoteset, to) {
    for (var key in emoteset) {
        if (emoteset.hasOwnProperty(key)) {

            var emoteDiv = document.createElement('div');
            emoteDiv.setAttribute('class', 'emoteWrap');

            var emote = document.createElement('img');
            var result = key + emoteset[key];

            emote.setAttribute('src', chrome.extension.getURL('/emots/') + result);
            emote.setAttribute('alt', key);
            emote.setAttribute('title', key);
            emote.setAttribute('class', 'emote');

            var emoteName = document.createElement('span');
            emoteName.setAttribute('class', 'emoteName');
            emoteName.innerHTML = key;



When i enter that special url extension seems to finish it’s job because i can see emotes in the menu but it dissapears from list of icons.

On chrome://extensions/ all i can see is This extension may be corrupted which requires me to repair the extension.

Any idea what’s causing it?